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My name is Laura Eding Harris
I am a Digital Designer & Front-End Developer, focusing on Graphic Design & Web Development.

Having lived and worked overseas, as well as Stateside, I have acquired a broad skill set over the years. You could say that I wear many hats, but my specialization is primarily in graphic design and web development, followed closely by excellent customer service and sales. As a coordinator of many projects and activities, I work equally well independently and as a member of a team.

Besides, having a great sense of style and a creative streak like you wouldn’t believe, I have a wide range of marketing, computer and other transferable skills. I’m an out-of-the-box innovate thinker, meticulous, yet able to effectively multi-task.

I am always researching and networking to stay current with the latest trends in the technical industry and often take courses. I currently attend classes at the Art Institute in Indianapolis in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree.

I invite you to look at my recent portfolio. With more than 10 years working in the design and print industry, my professional experience includes online digital design, as well as print and working for large corporations like the Indianapolis Star. My expertise extends to working with nonprofit organizations, donating time to community outreach and development, environmental stewardship and charity work.

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SERIES . . .

To go along with my Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc.) well-developed design skills, my toolbox is filled with acronyms some may fear, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ActionScript. No fear, I love to see new standards appear and take hold, allowing for the creation of new and exciting websites, each one more advanced and amazing than the previous.

Page loading speed, display performance, responsive layout and SEO optimizations are part of the job – I take these facets to heart from the very beginning.


The internet has become increasing popular and I know the importance of having a great web presence. I understand that a good majority of users are using their phones and tablets, in addition to their laptops and desktops, so I design responsive websites that automatically adjust to look good on any screen.

I know about good user experience (UXD) and user interface (UI) in order for users to enjoy their experience on the web without sacrificing usability, accessibility or functionality. Interaction between the user and the product is golden whether it includes a simple help button/message, or not. I present an authentic professional and credible image. I also know about the importance of brand recognition and always do the necessary research to get the best results possible.


. . . LET'S GET TOGETHER . . .

“You Dream it – We Create it!” So, choose me and we can discuss your next project, or we can just have an informational chat.

Add me on your social media sites, if you would like to learn more about my thoughts, motivations and creative ideas.

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